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Anonymous said:
Hello there, I would just like to ask why is it that you adore Tom Hiddleston so much? It's nothing but a simple question, I'm just actually curious as to why people find him so incredibly awesome.



Reasons why I love Tom:

  1. He can look cute as a puppy when he giggles/laugh/makes a dumb joke 
  2. He can look sexy as fuck when he gives me that sensual stare of his
  3. He’s genuinely really nice because I met him last year in my home city and he didn’t leave the red carpet until he signed everyone’s things. He calmed us down a bit by saying ‘I’ll get to you all in a few minutes’ and he went on about answering questions for interviewers
  4. He’s really smart. Like really. Like not just academically but spiritually and philosophically. He always has the most profound quotes pertaining to life and time and basically, google ‘tom hiddleston quotes’ and you can see a little nugget of how he thinks. Brainy is the new sexy btw.
  5. His voice is like a song sang by the sirens. It’s so velvety and crisp and every time I hear him on my ipod reading ‘May I feel said He’ by E.E cummings, I swear to god, i start nervously sweating/melt into a pile of gush on the floor.
  6.  He has an amazing taste in music. Back in the dinosaur days, Tom used to tweet his song of the day and everyone would flock to youtube, commenting ‘Tom Hiddleston brought me here’ on the first video for the song that showed up. I remember being a fetus fan girl and i was like ‘yeah, he’s cute but like whatever’ while browsing a Tom Hiddleston blog and one of my favourite songs started playing and I was like ‘Wow, this blogger has amazing taste’ and then i realized it was a playlist of his song of the days and that was when I was convinced if we ever swapped ipods, we would have the best of times. 
  7. His eyes are really nice.
  8. His smile is really nice.
  9. His chest is really nice
  10. His abs are really nice
  11. I like how he’s still down to Earth even with all the success he has. I mean, he obviously earns a lot now and he’s probably stinkin’ rich but he still chooses to wear the same red flannel, blue linen shirt, white shirt, tight blue pants, and often repeat the same suits to different events. 
  12. His laugh makes me weep. ‘Ehehehe’ 5ever. 
  13. I’m team sarcastic Tom. He’s so funny when he’s sarcastic to interviewers and he’s not afraid to laugh at himself. 
  14. He’s tall. Like really tall. I think he’s 6’2 or 6’1 that makes his legs look so sleek and nice like wow i never knew i had a leg fetish until i saw his
  15. have you seen him working out before coriolanus? 
  16. Have you seen him run for Elle UK 
  17. have you ever heard him sing because I think he’s adorable when he does
  18. he can dance. He loves to dance. I don’t know which one is cuter.
  19. he does this thing where he licks his lips with the tip of his tongue and then withdraws it back and it’s like thomas, pls, trying to get through the day
  20. he gives hugs!!!!! HUGS!!!! i never got one because i was too shocked that i was seeing him but photos of him hugging looks like he’s a really good hugger. 


I don’t know why but this made me sob tears of joy

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new fave photo of tom
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